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Technology is created to aid mankind, and in today’s time, the mechanisms we have available is finally catching up with our imagination. There are several inventions aimed to make our lives easier now. Just like Google Searching and Cloud Computing.

Google searching initially revolutionized the research process we have before. Instead of walking towards the nearest library or bookstore just to get information, you can easily fire up your search engine and anything you want to know is just at your fingertips. What separates Google from all other search engines is its accessibility. By just logging in with your account, Google will be able to customize your search based on your lifestyle, making the result of the search relevant to you. More than that, there are several ways on how to ensure that the result of your searches will turn up to be the most useful. There are also certain tools that are highly available without looking for another websites, like calculator, thesaurus, dictionary, etc.

Cloud computing, on the other hand, provides an option to save, process and/or manage data through the Internet rather than a local server. It optimizes the capacity of a website or a system because it does not require a local host for the data.

These are just some of the tools available now to make our lives easier.


The Me That I Am Today

“Learn from your mistakes.”

This is the normal advice we can get from people. Can they hear how condescending that sounds? Can they hear the amount of pain you experience as you hear each syllable? Can they see the turmoil in your eyes as you struggle with everyday life trying to look for that mistake that they are talking about?
The decisions we make are purely based on our own volition. There are numerous decisions that we will make in a lifetime. Some of it we can easily dismiss, some are life changing. But it was a decision made by you nonetheless. As people say, “Learn from your mistakes” they heighten the idea that it was your decision that led you to be hurt. That the reason you are hurting is just you and no other person can be blamed. It basically highlights the pain that you are experiencing right now. It further pushes you on the pit you are trying to get out of.

As we create the us that we are today, we accumulated life experiences through several laughters and tears over the years. That mistake that changed our life was not a mistake, it was a risk you took expecting a particular result. The reason that you were hurt is not because you made a mistake, it is because you expected a different result. I am not saying that that is wrong. Expecting a result is basically why we develop hypothesis and further drives us to continuously pursuing the unknown. However, we have to veer away from highlighting the pain of another and calling it their mistakes. They made a decision, a simple act that makes us humans. They made a decision, whether it is good or bad should be up to the person who made the decision and not any other person.

Nobody can fully approximate the level of happiness someone can experience but that person alone. The me that I am today is a reflection of all of the decisions and risks I took, and nobody else’s.